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Hoping to adopt? Let us help!


Whether you are considering infant adoption, baby adoption, foster care adoption or older child adoption - there is a way we at All About Love Adoptions can help.


Infant & Baby Adoption

Infant Adoption programs help families adopting newborn babies, so if you are considering adopting a newborn this is the program for you! Every family will need a home study from an agency licensed in the state where they live. Once you are home study ready, you can work with any agency to find your family’s newest addition.

Learn more about INFANT AND BABY ADOPTION here.

Child Adoption

Older child adoption is a great option for families who are looking to adopt children from the foster care system or considering foster care instead of adoption. Most states have subsidy programs for this type of adoption. For Pennsylvania residents who want to search for a child nationally, or a child under the age of 7, you will need a private home study to get started. Those considering foster parenting should contact their county office of children and youth or a private foster care agency to find out how to be licensed.

Interstate Adoption

Interstate adoption is a process that must be adhered to when a baby is born in Pennsylvania but being adopted by a family living in another state, such as New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, Colorado, Utah, Kansas or any other state in the country. The process takes approximately 5-10 business days from the time the baby is discharged from the hospital. During this period, the adoptive family needs to stay within Pennsylvania until both involved states approve the information that is sent to them for review regarding the adoption plans.

Learn more about INTERSTATE ADOPTION here.

Adopting From Foster Care

Adopting from foster care is a wonderful option for building your family.  Most children available for adoption in the foster care system are over the age of 7.

Learn more about ADOPTING FROM FOSTER CARE here.

Hoping to Adopt?
We are here to help.

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