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one black child and one white child after bathtime wearing bathrubs and smiling


We are especially proud of the relationships we've built with so many.


Read some of their thoughts here.

a father teaching his young son how to ride a bicycle

Anonymous Birth Mother

"For any woman that has to ever make one of the hardest decisions of her life, as far as birthing/adoption, I will always recommend AALA. The genuine support that I received was not only emotionally but financially and mentally too. I will truly never feel like I made a mistake. Without them, I would have never been able to have the relationship with my son that I do love and have a relationship with still to this day. Please call them if you are confused, scared, or lost even. Be honest! They will never judge you or let you feel alone! This may all be very cliché to say, but I was made a believer myself. You will feel so great, and during this is when you will truly understand how strong you are."
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