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Adopting from foster care is a wonderful option for building your family.  Most children available for adoption in the foster care system are over the age of 7.  Families who reside in Pennsylvania and plan to adopt from the Pennsylvania foster care system have no fees.  Families who would like to search for a child to adopt through the foster care system nationally are often reimbursed for their out of pocket costs by the state they adopt from.  Foster care adoptions are also often eligible for subsidy approval.


The steps to adopting from foster care are: 


  1. Complete an approved home study from an agency licensed in your home state

  2. Engage in networking to be matched with a waiting child

  3. Match and a waiting child 

  4. Pre-placement counseling and adoption preparation 

  5. Placement of the child in your home

  6. Post placement supervision and support (typically monthly visits from your social worker)

  7. Finalize the adoption in court (typically 8-15 months post placement)

  8. Post adoption support (voluntary and as needed)

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