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Need to talk someone quick? Call or text us any time - day or night at (610) 429-1001

Making the First Call

Making the first call to an adoption agency when facing an unplanned pregnancy must be an overwhelming and frightening thing to do. At All About Love Adoptions we understand that, and have caring and compassionate counselors available to answer your questions and listen to you. You can reach us by phone, text or fill out our contact form.

We can guide you through that first call by offering the information most pregnant women ask for, or we can listen while you talk and provide you with the answers to specific questions you have. All of our counselors believe that adoption is a wonderful and loving choice for anyone to make and will always be considerate and supportive of how difficult it is for you to consider.

Meeting Face to Face

If you would like to meet face to face we can meet with you in our Chester Springs, PA office, in your home or community. We also realize that sometimes you just have questions and aren’t ready to make a commitment to adoption, so you will never be pressured to make an appointment or begin the process. There is no commitment to choose adoption for your baby no matter how many times you call or how many questions you have! We just hope that you will give us the chance to answer your questions, listen to you if you need to talk and support you in whatever way we can.

Pregnancy Counseling Services

Counseling Services with an adoption agency are always FREE for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. There are no costs to you, or any insurance carrier, to help you explore the option of adoption for you and your baby – or to make an adoption plan. Even if you do not choose adoption in the end, the support along the way of making that decision is always free. We Can Help You!


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Unplanned pregnancy?
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Support is available 24/7 – day or night.

Call or text us directly anytime at (610) 429-1001

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