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General Questions for Adoptive and Birth Parents

How are waiting families matched with parents giving baby up for adoption?

Parents placing a baby for adoption are presented with profiles of waiting, prepared adoptive parents to consider. They choose a match for their child based on whatever is important to them in an adoptive family, and then the family they choose is presented with the opportunity to adopt.

Do I need a lawyer for adoption?

For considering options when pregnant, talk to an attorney or agency to make an adoption plan. Every adoption plan includes an attorney and each client is entitled to their own attorney. All About Love Adoptions can make these plans and arrangements with you.

Are counseling or therapy services available through adoption agencies?

All adoption agencies provide supportive counseling throughout the adoption planning process. Support and counseling are provided throughout the hospital stay and after the adoption placement as well. Adoption counselors are also able to make arrangements for more formal and long-term outpatient therapy when needed as well. It is important that if you are considering adoption for your baby you talk with your adoption counselor about all of your needs so they can do their best to help you meet them.

What are the differences between open and closed adoptions?

Open adoptions and closed adoptions can mean different things to different people, as there is no specific definition for open vs. closed adoption. Open and closed adoptions involve planning with your adoption counselor for a situation that will meet your needs. Open adoptions can mean anything from sharing photos and letters to having visits and meetings with the adoptive parents and child through the years. Closed adoptions usually have no contact at all between birth and adoptive parents. Choosing between open or closed adoption is something that is based on your emotional needs and preferences. If you choose an adoption plan open vs. closed adoption will be one of the topics that will be explained and explored through the process with your counselor.

How do I know what agency is the right one to work with?

Just like choosing a doctor for your pregnancy, choosing an adoption agency is something that you should do based on what agency has the right program to meet your needs. Decide what is important to you, and then ask the agency how they will meet those needs for you. Read more about choosing the right adoption agency here.

For Birth Parents / Pregnant Mothers

I am pregnant and thinking about adoption. Where do I start?

Many women facing unexpected pregnancies seek help to deal with being pregnant, and help for pregnant women is one of the primary focuses of adoption programs. When you want to consider options when pregnant, an adoption counselor is a great resource! Adoption is a wonderful unplanned pregnancy option, and one that can make both your child and a waiting family very happy. If you are pregnant and need help here are some steps to considering adoption: First choose an agency who can provide you with a counselor you are comfortable talking freely with. Then ask all of the questions that are important to you, even if some of them are embarrassing or hard to ask. Once all of your questions are answered, your counselor can help you decide if adoption is the right choice for you and your baby. If it is, you can choose a family and begin planning your adoption. If not, your counselor can provide alternative unplanned pregnancy help.

Is financial assistance available during my pregnancy?

Every state allows adoption social workers to provide pregnancy assistance in the form of counseling and case management with community resources. Some states allow agencies to give pregnant women help with living expenses during adoption planning, as well as other pregnancy financial assistance. Assistance for pregnant teenagers is no different than other pregnant women considering adoption. If you are considering adoption and are in need of financial assistance call a counselor today to see how you can be helped.

What types of screening processes are required for prospective adoptive parents?

All prospective adoptive parents must complete an approved adoption home study before they can be considered for adoption of an infant, baby or child. The home study includes information about their home, jobs, finances, health, extended family, marriage and relationships, background, criminal and child abuse clearances, references, education about adoption related topics and parenting issues, evaluation of their plans for parenting and discipline and exploration of their feelings about talking with children about adoption and openness with birth parents. The process is long and detailed and is designed to prepare prospective adoptive parents to have positive relationships with the birth parents of the child or baby they adopt.

I am not sure that adoption is the right choice for me. What should I do?

Considering pregnancy options, especially unplanned pregnancy options, and seeking unplanned pregnancy help can sometimes feel like it has left you with more questions than answers. Adoption is a complex process to consider on your own, but even if you are only considering adoption as a possibility for you one of our compassionate and skilled social workers at All About Love Adoptions can help you to understand the process enough to decide if adoption might be a good choice for you.

I am a pregnant teenager, can I make an adoption plan for my baby?

Being a teenager with an unplanned pregnancy can be a frightening and overwhelming thing, and not every pregnant teenager has a helpful adult they can trust to talk with about their situation. Social workers with All About Love Adoptions can help make sure you have prenatal care and a safe living environment, as well as help you consider adoption for your baby. Any mother can choose adoption.

How can I talk to someone about how to give up a baby for adoption?

“How do I give up a baby for adoption?” is a common question asked by women facing unplanned pregnancies. Placing a baby with a loving, prepared adoptive family is a big decision to face. At All About Love Adoptions, we have experienced and caring counselors who can help you discuss your options when pregnant, learn about adoption choices and make a plan that you are comfortable with. You can call, text or e-mail us to ask your specific questions or just to learn more about the adoption process and if it is a good fit for you. Contact Us Here!

Prospective Adoptive Parents

I am new to the adoption process, where do I start?

Considering adoption options can be complex and overwhelming! Contact us for more information about how to get started and what to consider as you make your adoption plans.

Is there any financial assistance for adoption available?

Financial assistance for adoption is an important consideration for adoptive parents. Many families are doing fundraising through their churches or communities, learning about adoption reimbursement through employers and considering loans from home equity and retirement to help fund their adoptions. Grants and special loans are also available.

How do you find women who are thinking of giving up a baby for adoption?

Birth mothers who are considering placing a child for adoption, or thinking of giving up a baby for adoption, usually seek out agencies, attorneys or family profiles through the internet or someone they trust (a friend, parent, doctor, etc). Our agency uses internet advertising, social media and grass roots marketing to reach women who would like to learn more about their options for adoption.

What do I need to do for an adoption home study?

The adoption home study process is important both for the logistics of your adoption process, and to give you the support and attention from an adoption professional that will help you prepare to adopt. Learn more here.

Birth Mother FAQs

Hoping to Adopt?
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